November 17, 2022
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Return on Design Investment

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Return on Design Investment: Balancing Quantitative & Qualitative Metrics to Deliver Measurable Value

What makes good design “great”? Better yet, how can you measure the impact of “good design” on business? 

The focus of studies on this topic has historically leaned toward the tangible, the known, the quantifiable - the numbers associated with sales. Though this is an essential business metric, many companies fail to realize the importance of understanding the intangible, the emotional, the qualitative - the magic.

The totality of a product's value, for both the user and the company, goes far beyond the moment of purchase or unboxing. Well-designed products are emblematic extensions of your brand and values, directly increasing sales and influence.

With a global community facing unprecedented social and environmental challenges, consumers are seeking innovative, yet attainable roadmaps for the future. Expectations are higher than ever before. Beyond well-executed products and services, they demand greater social and ecological action and leadership from brands.

Who is responsible for good design? How can Return on Design Investment be Measured and Leveraged? Download the Report to learn more about:

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Measurement for Good Design 
  • Design-led vs design-reactive organizations
  • Why design thinking and strategic platforms are the key to success (and survival) in the next decade(s).
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