September 14, 2022
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Future Climates: From Insightful Design Conversations to Actionable Design Opportunities

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If design is to have a future, it needs to solve critical issues in an inspiring way. That is why we launched Play&Co(nversations) and our quarterly Insight Reports. Here, Brendan Hutchieson explains how the Insight Reports can help brands connect with an ever-shifting consumer mindset.

What inspired Play&Co to begin creating Insight Reports?

We were inspired by repeated conversations with our clients and the design community. Play&Co works with a group of brilliant, insightful, and critical thinkers, and we value the quality of ideas at Play&Co. The better we can articulate our understanding of a given topic, the stronger the solutions we can design for it. 

We use our insight reports to explore trends, design opportunities, and share them with the broader community. 

How will the first Insight Report, Future Climates, help educate and define opportunities for brands?

The insights reports provide a summary of Play&Co's extensive knowledge and expertise in specific fields. Through these reports, we aim to educate brands by presenting relevant topics, tangible examples of user-centric products, experiences, & frameworks.  We then highlight opportunities for innovation and growth.

Although we use these to start conversations with clients, the information presented can be utilized by anyone in any industry or discipline.

How did Play&Co land on these initial trends as key opportunities ‘out of the gate’?

Since Play&Co's inception, we have developed a natural disposition for the interconnected nature of planetary + human health. As part of our recent Concept Rise project, we explored design opportunities for climate technology, electric transportation, and community infrastructure. In addition to rapid diagnosis, oral health, sleep and respiratory health, and mother/child care, we have also worked on a variety of health technology clients. 

Altogether, the design research and conversations we had revealed much of the information compiled in this particular report. 

What can audiences expect from future Insight Reports and when? 

In addition to providing stronger insights and opportunities, future reports will continue to build on the foundations laid in this first report. We will explore the future of business, life / work balance, and the evolution of industry, among other things, through the eyes of a designer. Stay tuned for the release of our next report, Business As Usual, in Q4 2022.   

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