Future Climates

Climate Change and Design: How Design Thinkers Are Taking Action Now

Insight Report

Q4 2022 | As the world comes to grips with the reality of climate change, industrial designers, architects, and urban planners are on the front lines of finding innovative solutions to help combat its effects.

Sustainable design is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the design process as designers look for ways to reduce the environmental impact of their products and projects.

Industrial designers are using sustainable materials and processes to create more efficient products that use less energy and resources. Architects are designing building systems that use less energy and generate less waste. And urban planners are working to create more livable, walkable communities that are better able to withstand extreme weather events.

The challenge of climate change is massive, but so is the potential for design to make a positive impact. As we face this challenge head-on, it is clear that design will play a crucial role in shaping the world of tomorrow.

Download the full report to gain insights into Future Climates and see the major trends, challenges, and opportunities for design thinking and strategy to make a difference in the uncertain future we'll be facing in the coming decade and beyond:

  • The Global trends in Climate, Energy, and Health 
  • Key concepts, brands, and individuals leading the way
  • Why design thinking and strategic platforms are the key to success (and survival) in the next decade(s).

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