October 4, 2023
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Episode 9: Harnessing Rebel Spirit with Liat Ben-Zur

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Liat Ben-Zur is a renowned tech executive with over 25 years of experience, having influenced the tech direction of giants like Microsoft, Royal Philips, and Qualcomm. As Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, she revitalized stagnant businesses, doubling their value from $6B to $13B in under four years. She was pivotal in the resurgence of Microsoft's Edge browser, launched the pioneering GPT-4 AI-powered Bing search, and doubled Microsoft's consumer SaaS subscriptions in just three years. At Royal Philips, she was at the forefront of the company's digital shift, introducing over 30 IoT and personal health products. At Qualcomm, she initiated their first open-source project, which later became the world's largest IoT Alliance.

Liat's contributions haven't gone unnoticed; she's been recognized as a rising star in wireless tech, a leading woman in IoT, and an inspirational figure in technology. She's also a champion for diversity in tech, having supported Microsoft's LGBTQIA ERG and consistently advocating for a more inclusive tech culture. Currently, Liat advises on VC deals and assists startups in leveraging AI and product-led growth. She holds a BSEE from UC Davis, an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management, and several tech patents.


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