July 21, 2023
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Episode 3:  Data-Driven Community Building with Patta Arkaresvimun

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Play&Co(nversations) is a design thinking podcast where we delve into the world of design and explore the endless opportunities that await designers and brands.

In our latest Play&Co(nversations) podcast episode, we're diving into the world of innovative data-driven community building with special guest Patta Arkaresvimun — founder of BiteUnite.

In this episode, we'll explore Patta's journey from running innovation workshops in Hong Kong to founding BiteUnite in 2015 and opening the first co-working kitchen in San Francisco in 2016. She's a trendsetter with a knack for foreseeing the future, and her passion for the sharing economy led her to create a unique cook-and-share community that embraces new technology and Hong Kong's vibrant foodie culture.

We'll dive into Patta's use of data to build thriving communities. Her ability to leverage insights and forecasts has been crucial to BiteUnite's success. We'll also discuss the importance of communities in today's world and how BiteUnite's community-oriented approach has enriched the lives of its members.

Patta Arkaresvimun's journey is a testament to the power of innovation, data, and community building. Join us as we gain valuable insights from this inspiring entrepreneur and explore the significance of human connections in the era of data-driven innovation.

Learn more about BiteUnite at biteunite.com.

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