February 9, 2024
1 min read

Episode 17: Building Memorable Analog Experiences in a Digital World with Ryan Coulter

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Play&Co(nversations) is a design thinking podcast where we delve into the world of design and explore the endless opportunities that await designers and brands.

Ryan Coulter's journey from a childhood filled with wonder at space, design, and knives in Indiana to becoming a visionary in the design world is a testament to how passions can fuel a remarkable career. Excelling as a creative director for leading companies like Burton Snowboards, Nike, and Ziba Design, Coulter mastered the art of merging functionality with elegance.

His entrepreneurial leap with The James Brand was a bold realization of his lifelong dedication to design, transforming everyday carry items into a statement of style and quality. The James Brand, under Coulter's leadership, redefines the essence of daily essentials through innovative design and strategic collaborations, embodying the spirit of modern consumer needs and emotional connectivity.

Coulter's journey highlights the transformative power of design in creating products that not only serve a practical purpose but also resonate deeply with today's lifestyle.

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