January 30, 2024
1 min read

Episode 16: Designers Discuss CES 2024 [A Play&Co Sandbox Session]

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Play&Co(nversations) is a design thinking podcast where we delve into the world of design and explore the endless opportunities that await designers and brands.

In this dynamic Play&Co(nversations) Sandbox Session conversation, the Play&Co Design and Strategy team delves into CES 2024's intriguing trends. The team reflects on how the automotive industry is evolving, with vehicles now seen as more than mere transport but extensions of personal identity and lifestyle.

They also discuss the growing integration of sustainability and smart technology in home appliances, signaling a shift towards more eco-conscious and user-friendly designs. The conversation then moves to the future of transportation, exploring the potential of integrated and autonomous vehicles.

The team also touches on the maturing landscape of AI and AR/VR technologies, considering their future impact across various sectors. Finally, they examine the rise of immersive experiences in consumer engagement, highlighting their importance in the evolving marketing and product interaction landscape.

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