November 9, 2023
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Episode 12: Lessons in Design Leadership with Former CEO of Philips Design, Stefano Marzano

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Play&Co(nversations) is a design thinking podcast where we delve into the world of design and explore the endless opportunities that await designers and brands.

Stefano Marzano is a maestro of design, a visionary who reshaped the contours of how we interact with everyday objects. As the former Chief Design Officer and CEO of Philips Design at Royal Philips International from 1991 to 2011, Stefano was the guiding force behind the transformation of Philips into a brand synonymous with innovation and user-centric design. His tenure at Philips was marked by a profound commitment to the philosophy that design should be democratic, an ethos that has influenced the aesthetics and functionality of countless products we use daily.

His journey didn't end with Philips. Stefano brought his forward-thinking design principles to Electrolux as the Chief Design Officer and member of the Group Management from January 2012 until his well-earned retirement at the end of 2013. Here, his innovative leadership continued to revolutionize the home appliance industry, integrating intuitive design with the sophisticated technology that defines modern living spaces.

In our podcast, we're diving into the creative ethos of Stefano Marzano, exploring how his approach to design extends beyond mere form and function. Stefano's philosophy sees design as a narrative, a story that unfolds in the spaces we inhabit and the products we engage with. His influence is etched into the very fabric of Philips and Electrolux's identity, where each product serves as a testament to his belief in design that not only serves purpose but also ignites imagination. With Stefano Marzano's story, we reveal how a deep understanding of design’s power is crucial in crafting not only products but also the future of innovation. Tune in to discover how Stefano's legacy is a beacon for designers and industry leaders alike, illuminating the path toward a future where design and life are inseparably interwoven.



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