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Business by Design: How Businesses are Embracing Design to Drive Impact-Driven Innovation

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A global economic paradigm shift is in motion. Our collective awareness of the connection between human and planetary health is driving the evolution of business. New organizational cultures, values, and motives are attracting talent and fueling meaningful innovation.


Connectivity advancements are empowering remote communities and facilitating “geography-agnostic” business models, granting flexibility to workers while broadening access to a global talent pool for companies.

Enter Artificial Intelligence, whose immense potential power has raised concerns among its creators and experts alike.

This convergence of culture and technology, human and machine, is ushering in a new era of business marked by transformation and disruption. Success will belong to those who can adapt and innovate, while others may find it challenging to keep up.

As society grapples with the dynamics of change; designers, thinkers, inventors, and visionary business leaders are exploring and adopting emerging AI tools, applications, and technologies. They are actively prototyping business processes to enhance the customer experience and address complex socio-economic and ecological challenges.

Download the full report to gain insights into Business As Usual and read up on the major trends, challenges, and opportunities for design thinking and strategy to make a difference in the coming age of business and the intelligent enterprise:

  • The Global business trends in Culture, Connectivity, and Intelligence
  • Key concepts, brands, and individuals leading the way
  • Why design thinking and strategic platforms are the key to success (and survival) in the coming decade.

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